Woodwise Hardwood Floor Cleaner - Quart Spray, Case of Six

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WoodWise Wood Floor Cleaner is a favorite for good reason. It is specifically formulated to properly maintain no-wax finishes.

It lifts and removes soil build-up common to hardwood floors without leaving a film.

WoodWise is easy to use, contains no oils or waxes that attract and hold soil, leaves no residue and has a fresh, clean scent.

(Tip: Woodwise also does a great job cleaning ceramic, porcelain, laminate, and vinyl floors & urethane finished cabinates!)

Do not use on a waxed or oiled floor.

Vacuum or sweep before cleaning.

Apply a small amount of Squeaky to an area of the floor.

Clean the floor using a microfiber mop, terry cloth mop, or soft cloth.

Continue until the whole floor has been cleaned.

To avoid redistributing dirt onto the floor, rinse the cleaning pads, wringing tightly or use additional clean pads.

To Spot Clean:

Apply Squeaky to a clean cloth and wipe the area by hand.

Caring for your floor:

Vacuum or sweep often. Use rugs or mats at entries to prevent tracking dirt onto the floor. Put floor protectors on anything that can scratch your floor.