Squeaky Clean Hardwood and Laminate Floor Cleaner - 4 oz. Concentrate makes One Spray Bottle - Case of Twelve

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This hardwood floor cleaner is one of our top sellers for good reason, It Works! For 25 years Basic Coatings has been manufacturing the finishes for hardwood floors so they know how to make a hardwood floor cleaner to maintain them! Simple to use and available in a variety of sizes to meet your needs. We have also assembled two different cleaner/mop kits at a discount for your convenience.

Squeaky Clean is specially formulated to safely and effectively clean all urethane finish (no-wax) hardwood floors including aluminum oxide finishes.  Laminates are not listed on the label but this cleaner does a great job cleaning laminate flooring.

Squeaky Clean is simple to use. The directions on the label of the 32 ounce spray bottle and the gallon refill bottles are written in English and Spanish.

Do not use on a waxed or oiled floor.

Vacuum or sweep before cleaning.

Apply a small amount of Squeaky to an area of the floor.

Clean the floor using a microfiber mop, terry cloth mop, sponge mop or soft cloth.

Continue until the whole floor has been cleaned.

To avoid redistributing dirt onto the floor, rinse the cleaning pads, wringing tightly or use additional clean pads.

To Spot Clean:

Apply Squeaky to a clean cloth and wipe the area by hand.

Caring for your floor:

Vacuum or sweep often. Use rugs or mats at entries to prevent tracking dirt onto the floor. Put floor protectors on anything that can scratch your floor.