Monarch Plank Care and Maintenance - Urethane Finish

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CARE AND MAINTENANCE – Urethane Finishes

Amalfi, Lago, Mistelle, Windsor, & Navona Collections 

Monarch Plank floors are coated with different types of coatings. Different coatings require different maintenance procedures. The cleaning/maintenance products recommended for one coating may damage a floor finished with another type of coating. Before cleaning your floor, confirm what type of coating it has.

These instructions apply only to flooring coated with urethane.

General Care – All Coating Types 

Do not allow people to wear spiked heels on the floor, which will damage even the hardest wood floors and finishes. - Pet claws should be properly trimmed at all times. - Work boots and shoes that may have pebbles lodged in the soles should be removed prior to entering.  

Sweep or vacuum frequently. - All mats or rugs should be cleaned on a regular basis. They should also be moved occasionally to allow natural color changes caused by light to occur evenly in all areas.  

Never wet-mop your floor, and always clean up spills and standing water as soon as possible. With water or any other cleaning agent, be sure to thoroughly ring out the applicator or mop prior to applying it to the floor. A damp mop is fine as long as the moisture is limited to an amount that will evaporate almost immediately. Moisture that is allowed to seep into the seams between the planks may cause damage to your flooring.

Do not allow soiled mats or rugs to stay on the floor as they can trap moisture on the surface.

Monarch Plank Care & Maintenance – UV Urethane Finishes  

CLEANING Floors Coated with Urethane (Amalfi, Lago, Mistelle, Windsor, & Navona Collections):

Clean the floor regularly with Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner or Basic Coatings Squeaky™ Commercial Floor Cleaner. Do not use waxes, oils, oil soaps, or petroleum-based cleaners under any circumstances. Do not use abrasive cleaning implements. - When it becomes necessary to refinish the floor, we recommend the top-coating and re-coatings systems from Bona ( and Basic Coatings (