MicroPlus Hardwood & Hard Surface Floor Mop, by Bona

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Bona 15" Microfiber Mop with one cleaning pad and one microfiber dusting pad.

* Revolutionary microfiber threads attract and absorb dirt and micro-particles.
* Electrostatic action attracts and traps dirt and allergens when used dry.
* Absorbs spills and removes tough stains when used with the Bona Cleaners.
* More economical than disposable systems.
* Extra long telescoping handle and full 360 swivel head base allow for easy maneuverability.
* Great on wood floors, tile, ceramic, stone, vinyl and linoleum floors.

For dry mopping:

Do not wet the microfiber mop dusting pad. It is always recommended to dry mop, vacuum or sweep your floor prior to damp cleaning with the Bona cleaner. Attach the dusting pad to the Bona microfiber mop base and glide across the floor to pick up dust, dirt, pet hairs and loose grit. The pad becomes statically charged just from the friction created when gliding it across the floor. After dry-mopping, remove any loose dirt or grit from the pad by shaking outside and brushing off. Wash the duster as needed.

For damp cleaning:
After dry mopping, rinse the microfiber mop cleaning pad thoroughly with water and wring out. Lightly mist a manageable area of your floor, or directly mist the cleaning pad with the Bona Cleaner. Using a back and forth motion, clean the floor. Finish one area before moving on to the next. When your Bona microfiber mop pad becomes soiled, replace with a clean pad. The pads are reusable and machine washable.

Do not use fabric softeners, dryer sheets or bleach when washing and drying your microfiber cleaning pads and dusters.

Bona 15" Microfiber Cleaning Pad forBona  Micro Plus  Mop

Bona 15" Microfiber Dusting Pad for 15" Bona Micro Plus Mop

Bona Microfiber Applicator Pad - Use to apply finishes such as Bona Refresher