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Learn how to clean and maintain your Live Natural oiled floor. 

Initial care

We recommend that you apply BOEN Oil Freshen Up or BOEN Oil Freshen Up White when the floor is installed. Apply undiluted with a lint-free cloth to the floor. Leave the surface to dry and then polish it.


Simply clean on a regular basis with either a broom or vacuum cleaner. For regular cleaning with a mop, pour BOEN Floor Soap into water and clean the floor with a damp mop. For dirtier floors, alter the dilution ratio increasing the amount of floor soap. (Please see ratio recommendations on the bottle of Floor Soap.)


Apply BOEN Oil Freshen Up or BOEN Oil Freshen Up White to your oiled hardwood floor as needed; this is very important for floors that have heavy traffic and wear, and are cleaned often. This care product will make oiled surfaces robust and damaged surfaces will have a silky matt natural sheen again. Before applying, the floor should be dry and free of dirt. Apply Oil Freshen Up with a lint-free cloth. Leave the surface to dry and then polish it.

How often should this product be applied?

  • For floors subject to low stress, e.g. in bedrooms and living rooms: approx. 1–2 times a year
  • For floors subject to medium stress, e.g. in corridors or offices with people coming and going: approx. once a month depending on frequency of use

Intensive cleaning and spot removal

For intensive cleaning of very dirty floors, use BOEN Floor Soap in a higher mix ratio. Clean the floor thoroughly using this concentrated soap solution and then mop it with clean water to remove remnants of dirt and soap from the surface. Once the floor is completely dry, oil it with BOEN Natural Oil. To remove deeper spots or scratches, we offer a repair set.

Important note

When you see signs of wear and tear, we recommend that you treat the floor as soon as possible using BOEN Natural Oil to preserve the intact surface over the long term. However, make sure you clean the floor intensively first as described above. Boen’s tip: arrange regular inspection with your hardwood floor installer.

Commercial Property

When floors are used in highly frequented areas such as in restaurants, on stairs, in department stores and the entrance areas of hotels, it is necessary to protect the oiled hardwood floor surface immediately after laying with an additional application of BOEN Natural Oil. Given the amount of stress the floor will be placed under, re-oiling of high trafic areas is necessary. BOEN Natural Oil should be thinly applied with a short-pile BOEN microfiber roller or BOEN floor brush until evenly distributed. You should apply max. 30–40 ml per sq. m. In addition, the floor should be intensively cleaned once or twice a year and then oiled with BOEN Natural Oil (as described above).

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