Intensive Floor Treatment - Quart

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Intensive Floor treatment or I.F.T is an aggressive cleaner designed to remove tough dirt, oil and other residue such as Orange Glo Products, Murphy's Oil Soap, from urethane finish wood floors.

It also effectively in removes urethane top coat dressings such as Bruce Fresh Finish.

Supplies Needed:

*Basic Coatings Intensive Floor Treatment (IFT)

*A recommended cleaner that you use on a regular basis to clean your floor.

*Scotch-Brite NO SCRATCH abrasive pad (scrub pad with sponge - NOT an SOS, brillo, or steel wool pad)

*Soft towels

*New and well rinsed sponge mop

*Rubber/latex gloves and safety goggles (as a safety precaution recommended to prevent eye/skin irritation when handling I.F.T)

Application Directions:

1. Spray a small amount of the Intensive Floor Treatment (I.F.T.) solution to a section of the floor and spread it with a soft cloth. Apply only enough cleaner to wet the floor.

2. Use the abrasive pad (no scratch pad) and scrub the area. This should remove the product you are intending to take off.

3. After scrubbing the area, wipe the section with a cloth dampened with water.

4. The final step is to apply the hardwood floor cleaner with a quality floor mop. No water rinse is necessary after this cleaner is applied. Wipe/Mop the floor until it is dry- Do Not Leave The Floor Wet.

**It is recommended to try a small section first (i.e. behind a door)

If you would like to put a Urethane Finish Top Dressing on your floor to renew the shine of your wood floor we recommend the Bona Pro Series Refresher for Hardwood Floors. Use it after you have removed the problem product with the IFT.

Call our office for more information or suggestions. 1.800.949.0142 We always recommend using your manufacture's floor cleaner, if they offer one. Otherwise, we recommend Basic Coatings Cleaner Squeaky Clean.