Hardwood Floor Paste Wax, Neutral, by Dura Seal - 1 lb. Can

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Dura Seal Paste Wax is a premium grade paste wax designed for use on wax finished hardwood floors and floors finished with Dura Seal Penetrating Wood Finish or other penetrating finishes. Available in Neutral for light surfaces and Coffee Brown for medium to dark brown surfaces.

Directions for use:

1. Apply Dura Seal Paste Wax to a dry, clean floor. (We recommend cleaning with 100% pure mineral spirits.)

2. Polish with a clean dry cloth, weighted buffer or polisher.


For best results, apply wax to a small (manageable) area so that the surface can be polished before the wax sets and hardens. Repeat until the entire floor has been waxed. Drying time may be affected by excessive humidity, low temperature, lack of air movement or applying too heavily.

Precaution: Do not use on surfaces other than wood.

Coverage: 500 square feet per 1 pound can.