Granite Polishing Powder - For Dark Granite

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SCI-GL Polishing Powder is a unique blend of polishing compounds that will restore the natural polish of most light and dark granite surfaces. (This product is for dark granite). It is ideal to revive dull granite floors, vanities, tabletops, counter tops, and walls. A special additive of abrasives puts this compound a step ahead of other granite polishing powders. It will remove traffic patterns, abrasions, etch marks, and even some surface stains.

Preparing the Surface:

SCI-GL powder should be used with a white, natural, or felt buffing pad. White polyester works the best.
Approximate usage is one ounce per three square feet.
Be sure to remove all coatings, dust, and loose sediment from the surface prior to applying the powder.
Always work small areas at a time until you become familiar with the product.

Apply 4 ounces of water to the surface and apply one half of a cup of SCI-GL Powder to the water and work it together to form a slurry.
**The slurry should remain milky throughout the buffing process.
Add water if necessary.
To check the results, move the slurry with a squeegee and reapply if more buffing is necessary.

When desired results appear, push the slurry to another work area or pick it up with a wet/dry vacuum. Rinse immediately with a proper stone cleaner. Buff the completed area with a clean dry white pad.


Re-polishes worn granite, terrazzo, and agglomerate surfaces quickly.

Simple to use.

Can be used by hand or machine.

For commercial and residential use.

Approximate Coverage Per Pound of Powder:
Granite 600 sq. ft.
Agglomerates 600 sq. ft.
Terrazzo 600 sq. ft.


Always test on a small area before using.
Natural stone should be protected with a penetrating sealer.
Follow the recommended cleaning procedures. 
If heavy abrasions or scratches are on the surface, follow steps 1-5 and then buff the compound in until it becomes dry, rinse with a proper stone cleaner and then buff with a clean white polyester pad.

While in the container, SCI-GL buffing compound may absorb moisture and become hard. This will not affect the performance of the product.

Cover all surfaces that are not stone.

Always wear protective clothing such as safety goggles, gloves, and footwear.