Dust Mop Treatment

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Dust Mop Treatment by Amrep should be used whenever surfaces such as wood, ceramic, marble, vinyl, or linoleum are dusted. Cleaning cloths that are treated with this product will clean and polish plastic and Formica surfaces.

Dust Mop Treatment also works great on furniture, DVD, VCR players etc. As an added bonus, when replacing filters on central heating and air conditioning systems, spray the new filter thoroughly before installing.

Dust Mop Treatment Directions:

Spray dust mop until moist, never wet. Do not spray at the very ends. It is best if you can wait 10-15 minutes after spraying the dust mop before you mop your floor. When finished dusting, shake the mop vigorously to release the dust. Renew by spraying lightly in the center of your mop.

When you finish dust mopping, you can shake the dust out outside and spray the mop so it is ready for your next use.

When the mop head becomes excessively soiled, remove and wash in a soapy solution. Never spray the floor directly.

Dust Mop Treatment does not make the treated surface slippery and will not damage floor surfaces when used as directed.

Packaged in an 18 ounce aerosol can.

*Before cleaning your hard surface floor, you should either dust mop, sweep or vacuum. If you choose to dust mop, this product will help the dust cling to your mop and not fly around the room. This product is not intended to clean or polish your wood floor. It is recommended that you use a proper wood floor cleaner to clean your wood floor.