Dura Seal Hardwood Floor Cleaner - Quart Squirt Bottle, Case of Six

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Dura Seal Wood Floor Cleaner Packaged in a convenient quart, ready to use squirt bottle. Case of Six.

* For Cleaning Wood Floors
* No dulling residue
* Solvent free
* Great for no-wax finishes and laminates
The makers of Dura Seal products, the professionals choice for wood floor finishes, have specially formulated this product to help you maintain the natural beauty of your hardwood floors. Dura Seal Hardwood Floor Cleaner is intended for use on all wood floors coated with a clear un-waxed finish, including polyurethane and water based finishes.

For cleaning wood floors, use regularly to gently remove dirt and grime without leaving a soap film residue. This product has been exclusively formulated to be used full-strength; do not add water. Simply squirt cleaner directly to the floor or damp mop. Not for use on waxed, oiled or unfinished wood. Each quart should yield approximately 2,400 sq. ft. of coverage for cleaning wood floors.