Bona Professional Series Hardwood Refresher

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Bona Professional Series Hardwood Refresher:
*  A urethane maintenance coating for polyurethane finish hardwood floors.
*  Provides a crystal clear, highly durable semi-gloss shine.
*  Disguises surface scratches.
*  Do not use is floor is waxed, oiled or polished with acrylic polishes.
*  Can be used up to four times per year in high traffic applications.
*  Do not use this product if the floor is not showing wear.
*  If you have a laminate floor, consider the Bona Hard Surface Refresher.

*  Bona Refresher should be applied at 500 square feet per quart.
*  Always coat the entire floor to ensure an even appearance and sheen.

Bona Refresher recommends application with their Bona Micro Fiber 15" Mop with the special Bona Applicator Pad which is sold separately. 
The Padco Applicator is another option and can be threaded onto any standard mop handle.

Dry Time:
Following application, allow Bona Refresher to dry a minimum of 1 hour before walking on coated floors. If a higher gloss level is desired, a second coat may be applied after 2 hours. Avoid heavy traffic and replacement of furniture and rugs for 24 hours after final coat. Clean tools with soap and water immediately after use. Rinse applicator thoroughly.

The application of Bona Refresher to Satin or Low Gloss sheen's will increase the gloss level. Always do a test section first. Bona Refresher is intended to maintain the floor between professionally applied finish coats. It is not intended to replace a professional finish application.

Regular Maintenance:
Clean with Bona Hardwood Cleaner (or the appropriate cleaner for your floor) and a quality floor mop.

*  For un-waxed, polyurethane finish wood floors only.
*  Do not use over any floor that has been waxed or oiled.
*  Wax and oil residues will prevent proper adhesion.
*  If your floor has been previously coated with an acrylic-type maintenance coating (polish), it must be thoroughly removed prior to using the Bona Refresher. Follow the stripping instructions for that product or contact the manufacturer for their recommendation. Always test floors for adhesion and appearance in an inconspicuous area before use.

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