BOEN Freshen Up White, 1 Liter

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Boen Oil Freshen Up White, 1 Liter

For periodic maintenance of UV-oiled and natural oiled wood floors.  Use on BOEN Live Natural finish as needed.

Treatment with BOEN Oil Freshen Up White makes oiled surfaces particularly wear resistant.  Worn surfaces will obtain a silky smooth, natural satin matt finish again. 

BOEN Oil Freshen Up White removes heavy stains, water spots, traces from shoes, etc. with ease.

High traffic areas that are frequently cleaned should be treated regularly with BOEN Oil Freshen Up White.  The floor must be clean and dry before treatment.

Please note that BOEN recommends applying a coat of BOEN Natural Oil White or equivalent oxidative oil before using a natural oiled floor with white pigment.  This would typically be applied soon after installation.

Dust mop, Sweep or vacuum the floor on a regular basis, daily if necessary.  Clean the floor with BOEN Floor Soap as needed. Freshen Up is used for periodic maintenance.  


Shake well before use.  Apply BOEN Oil Freshen Up White with a lint free cloth.  Start by applying on edges, corners, under radiators, etc. It should be applied in the longitudinal direction of the boards and must dry for 2-3 hours before use. A cap-full covers 10 to 21 square feet.

Let the surface dry before it is polished. 

Remove stains with a small amount of oil on a dry cloth.

Worn areas, such as hallways, can easily be maintained by using Oil Freshen Up White. With appropriate use, no joints will be visible.


Natural plant wax (Carnauba and Candelilla wax); Paraffin, aliphatic carbon water substances (greater than 30%).

Shelf Life

Unopened and dry container is durable for at least 5 years.


Keep out of the reach of children.  In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and contact medical advice.  Do not bring into contact with drinks, food including animal food.  Work in areas with good ventilation.


1 Cap-full covers 10-21 square feet.  1 Liter covers 1,076 square feet.