Boen Floor Soap 1 Liter

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Soap for cleaning of UV-oiled and natural oiled wood and parquet flooring

  • For daily cleaning
  • No film formation
  • Slip safe

Concentrated washing agent with wash-active substances and natural, soothing additives.

Solvent Free

For natural oiled floors BOEN recommends applying a maintenance coat with BOEN Natural Oil or equivalent oxidative oil before using the floor. (After installation)



For daily maintenance of oil treated floors, either sweep, dry mop or vacuum.  Microfiber cloth/mop should not be used on oiled floors.  BOEN Floor Soap is a concentrated detergent for easy and thorough cleaning and maintenance of oiled wood floors.

Regular use provides a protective coating to the oiled floors.

Wood is sensitive to water, and it is recommended to use a well wrung cloth.  Any spillage on the floor should be removed immediately and before it dries.

To wash the floor, add a maximum of 1 cap-full of BOEN Floor Soap per liter of water.  Recommended ratio for regular cleaning is 1-2 caps to 5 liters (a liter is 1.06 quarts).  The BOEN Floor Soap container reads 3 caps to 5 liters of water.


Natural plant oil (coconut), vegetable soap 5-15%, less than 5% non-ionic surfactants, conditioning components, additives and preservatives Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone.


Approximately 5 years in unopened packaging.  Less when opened.  It is best to store the product in a climate controlled area like inside your home.

Safety Rules

Keep out of reach of children.  If the substance is swallowed, please immediately search for medical advice and show the packaging label.  The container must be completely empty when recycled.


1 liter covers at least 10,763 square feet.