Basic Coatings, Squeaky Clean Mop Kit, Over 1,000 Sq. Ft.

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Basic Coating's Starter Kit. Suggested for floors over 1000 square feet.

Best Way to Clean Wood Floors!  We recommend Basic Coatings if you manufacturer doesn't supply a cleaner or if your floor was custom finished with a urethane, polyurethane, aluminum oxide, etc. 

Kit Includes:

1 ~ Squeaky Clean Ready-to-Use Quart Spray Bottle
Squeaky Clean is ideal if you are not 100% positive on the manufacturer of your flooring or if your manufacturer does not have their own cleaner.  It is a top seller for good reason,  It works!

6 ~ Squeaky Clean 4 oz. Concentrates, Each Concentrate Makes One Spray Bottle
We recommend you reuse the spray bottle that comes with this kit when it is empty.  4 ounce concentrates are a great way to save money on the product and shipping! Simply pour one 4 oz concentrate into the empty spray bottle and fill the rest with water. It's that simple, no measuring required!  These six concentrate bottles only take up 5" x 7" of shelf space!

1 ~ 4" x 15" Microfiber Mop
The Microfiber Floor Mop is the solution for quick and easy cleaning of any hard surface floor! It glides across the floor easily and cleans without those bothersome streaks leaving your floor sparkling clean. This mop is a must when pursuing the best way to clean wood floors!

2 ~ Microfiber Cleaning Pads - 4"x 15"
Two replacement Microfiber Cleaning Pads for the 4" x 15" Hard Surface Floor Mop. These pads really grab the dirt can be machine washed up to 300 times.

1 ~ Star Fiber Dusting Pad- 4x15
The Star Fiber Dusting Pad works great to pick up any loose dust particles and is a magnet for cat and dog hair. It Velcro's on the 4"x 15" base of the Microfiber Mop.  Dust mop, sweep or vacuum before cleaning to pick up and loose dirt.  Use between cleanings to quickly pick up fine dirt, dust and pet hair.